Coastal Geothermal

Coastal Carolina's Geothermal Solutions
  • We Specialize in closed loop geothermal heat transfer systems.
  • We will design and install a loop system specialized for your individual needs and wants.
  • We have been designing and installing closed loop geothermal heat transfer systems since 1994.
  • Certified fusion technicians in socket - butt and saddle from 3/4" to 6"Polyethylene pipe.
  • International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA)
    10 Accredited installers and 1 accredited trainer.
  • North Carolina and South Carolina Certified well driller.
  • We have installed systems from 3-ton to 168-ton in the vertical, horizontal, and pond loop designs.
  • We will design and install as much of the loop system as you would like us to.


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